Antonio is as diverse in his topics as he is talented. As a filmmaker and educator, Antonio is nothing short of engaging. He is insightful and initiates dialogue amongst the participants in workshops. His presentations are geared to reach, influence, and engage audiences with humor, knowledge and inspiration. Antonio has a passion to share his learned experiences in filmmaking with others. He is available as a motivational speaker at corporate events or as a presenter of his works at universities and colleges. The following topics are Antonio’s most requested topics. Presentations can be altered to fit conference themes. Please contact the office with questions or requests. Rates vary.

Most Requested Topics



The influence of television, films and media.

The impact of television commercials on the generations.

The upside of archiving personal, family and community history.

The power and influence of the motion picture industry.

Filmmaking from A to Z: The 411 on guerilla style filmmaking and marketing.

The importance of thorough historical research and writing for producing documentaries.

The portrayal of minorities in television and films through the decades.

The power to influence: A filmmakers thoughts on changing the perception and culture of stereotypes and violence through the performing arts.