Chicago's Puerto Rican Story is a PBS premiered documentary by Antonio Franceschi. The film paints an inspiring portrait of the Puerto Rican experience in Chicago. It probes the early years of migration, settlement, and struggles. It recollects the events and influences that shaped the political awareness and activism of the community. And it highlights the many contributions made by generations of Puerto Ricans who called Chicago home.  

Chicago’s Puerto Rican Story, Documentary

A new upcoming documentary by independent filmmaker and educator Antonio Franceschi. The documentary takes a closer look at America's dropout crisis and gives an intimate look at the complex lives of inner-city youths confronted with poverty, drugs, gangs and possible jail time. Second Chance Kids shows how some students thrive when given a second chance at completing their education and highlights the schools and teachers responsible for their turn around. This is an engaging story of educational redemption and survival.

Second Chance Kids, Documentary
Urban Poet, Motion Picture film

A full length feature film written/produced and directed by Antonio Franceschi. This coming of age story follows Rita a young Latina poet from the inner city struggling to find her voice in the chaos of difficult relationships and the social ills in her community. She puts her frustrations onto paper, creating poetry with strong lyrics and powerful messages—establishing her as a serious contender in the Latino Café Slam Competition. Urban Poet is the tale of one young Latina’s dilemma to transcend boundaries and maintain sacred relationships with those she loves.

Siempre Caliente, was a bilingual Latin magazine type television show that aired on Telemundo. This wide-reaching show captivated family audiences with its entertaining and fast moving content. Hosts interviewed international celebrities and introduced audiences to the latest events and locations in the Chicagoland area. Siempre Caliente reached nearly half a million viewers and ran for three seasons.

Siempre Caliente, Broadcast TV Show