Presented by Alderman Billy Ocasio on April 9, 2003

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Whereas, On Friday, April 11th the Institute of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture will host a screening of Urban Poet, an independent film shot on location in Humboldt Park; and

Whereas, This film was written and produced by Antonio Franceschi, a young, independent filmmaker, and

Whereas, This is a historically significant event for our community, and one that we must support because it is the first feature film shot and produced in Humboldt Park; and

Whereas, This 96-minute film features a cast and crew from Humboldt Park and a soundtrack produced by local artists; and

Whereas, We should honor and support this film and the young people of our community that created it; and

Whereas, Too often, our community is pigeonholed by stereotypes established by outsiders. Financiers and producers only back movies that perpetuate these stereotypes because they are the only things they know about this community; and

Whereas, Urban Poet gives the community an opportunity to tell its own history as it wants it told, not its story as it is told by others; and

Whereas, Production of this film, originally budgeted at $500,000, was canceled when it was deemed unprofitable. The community came together and by utilizing its human and social capital, this film was completed, proving, once again, that we area a community that can accomplish great things when we work together; and

Whereas, The release of Urban Poet is a pivotal point in history of Chicago's Puerto Rican Community; now, therefore,

Be it Resolved, That the Mayor and members of the Chicago City Council, hereby declare April 11, 2003, to be Urban Poet Day in Chicago; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That this body does congratulate Antonio Franceschi on his accomplishment and wish him much success in the future.

                                                                                           Richard M. Daley, Mayor

                                                                                           City of Chicago

Antonio Franceschi is recognized in the City of Chicago for his exceptional work of writing, producing and directing the motion picture film Urban Poet.

Antonio Franceschi receives an official proclamation declaring April 9th as Urban Poet day in Chicago in honor of his motion picture film Urban Poet.